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The Grenchen watchmaker, Rolex Replica Watches, has decided to completely refurbish its Colt series once again. Each of the four new Colt models is made in a slightly different styling when compared to the last edition of the series from 2011. These changes in styling bring the series back to the original appearance from the 1980s when the collection first saw the light of day. One of the most notable characteristics of this kind is re-introduction of bezels with rider tabs. As for the other traits of new models, we should mention steel cases with alternating polished and satin finishes, enhanced water resistance to 200 meters and double glare-proofing of their sapphire crystals. When dials are concerned, they are now available in blue, black and silver color. The faces are also decorated with circular raised motifs and they are coupled with enlarged hour markers and hands. The new lineup of Colts includes three men's models (one mechanical and two quartz-driven) and a single ladies' piece.

Military BackgroundInitially, the Colt series was envisioned as a collection that will offer watches for members of the army and had sturdiness, resilience and legibility as its prime traits. As it was the case with some more iconic lineages by the watchmaker from Grenchen (notably the Chronomat and Navitimer),Audemars Piguet Replica Watches the initially military timekeeper gradually became more and more appealing to the broader public. Due to the number of models and the price, Colt models have also acquired a reputation for being among the most accessible Rolex Replica Watchess.

A Number of Shifts in DesignDuring the course of time, Colt series has received a few makeovers. Most notably, the original styling was changed in 1999 and, more recently, in 2006 and 2011. During the passage of time, the width of cases gradually expanded all the way to 44 mm in diameter. Furthermore, there have been various types of models, both mechanical and quartz-driven with different sets of complications. When Rolex Replica Watches decided for the second to last among the changes in design which occurred back in 2011, the Colt series was split from the now abandoned Aeromarine series. Additionally, the Colt collection from three years ago ditched all mechanical watches and it completely consisted of models with quartz movements. These Colts also abandoned bezels with rider tabs which were the original trait of the series.

A Full Circle - Back to the Original LooksThe latest change in design returns the series to its roots. Now, all of its models are equipped with wider bezels with engraved numerals and four rider tabs.Franck Muller Replica The new redesign of the series brings back mechanical models in the lineup. To be fair, now there is just a single mechanical piece in the collection - Colt Automatic. Additionally, there are two more men's timekeepers - Colt Chronograph and Colt Quartz - which are propelled by thermo-compensated SuperQuartz movements. These models (as well as the only mechanical piece in the series) are 44 mm wide. There is also the fourth and final model in the series - Colt Lady. The only women's model in the lineage is, as expectedly, a bit narrower. It also has a SuperQuartz movement and is the only one with optional diamond decorations on its bezel.